Popular analyst Willie Wu believes that bitcoin is firmly entrenched above $20,000.

In his opinion, we will no longer see the cryptocurrency rollback below this psychological mark. Willie Wu expressed his position on Twitter.

The $24,000 mark is of particular importance. After bitcoin crossed this milestone, it became clear that the market had finally come under the control of investors determined to hold the cryptocurrency for the long term.

If the coin holds above $24,000, the number of buyers will continue to rise. As of Tuesday night, January 5, BTC is trading just above $31,500. The cryptocurrency is now retreating as part of a correction after breaking above $34,000 last Sunday.

Willie Wu also touched on the topic of Bitcoin Benefit. He predicted that Ripple’s problems and the drop in the value of the XRP token will have a painful effect on digital currencies.

If the lawsuit initiated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ends in a victory for the defendants, the cryptosphere will receive support from investors. In this case, altcoins will be able to resume their expansion along with bitcoin, the analyst stressed.

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