Europe’s Most Crypto-Curious Country? Study Reveals Surprising Result


  • Dua Crypto’s research determined that the Netherlands, Slovenia and Switzerland are the most crypto-curious nations in Europe.
  • The Dutch ranked as the most interested European nation in cryptocurrencies with 0.1299 crypto-related searches per capita.
  • Slovenia and Switzerland followed The Netherlands with 0.1181 and 0.0888 searches per capita respectively.

This is Europe’s Most Crypto-Curious Country (Study)

The research firm Dua Crypto has recently conducted a study to determine which countries in Europe are the most curious about cryptocurrencies. According to their findings, The Netherlands, Slovenia and Switzerland were found to be the most crypto-curious nations on the continent.

The Dutch Reached the Top

The study estimated that residents of The Netherlands had conducted the highest number of crypto-related searches per capita (0.1299). Bitcoin was found to be the locals’ favorite digital asset by market capitalization while Dogecoin was second and Cardano was third.

Slovenia Also Ranked Highly