All-time Bitcoin Capitalization Record – Home Straight Before $ 20,000?

Bitcoin (BTC) is having a particularly successful week. It broke its capitalization record, which was set in December 2017. Its price jumped to $ 18,500 last night: enough to exceed its price record?

Bitcoin (BTC) capitalization hits a new record …

The previous record of e capitalization of u Bitcoin (BTC) was established during the last great bull run: he had now reached $ 329 billion on December 16, 2017. But this threshold has been crossed again. BTC’s market cap hit $ 341 billion early this morning. This is an absolute record for the Bitcoin market cap, which clearly shows the current craze around cryptocurrency.

The reason Bitcoin has experienced a record market cap without its price exceeding – for now – its all-time-high (ATH) is that there is now more BTC in circulation than ‘three years ago . The market cap is therefore spread over a larger number of parts.

… and the course flies away

But the course is also experiencing particularly noticeable performances in recent days. That night, he reached 18 4 00 dollars : a threshold he had not crossed since its bull run from mid-December 2017. He then had a hesitation that did plunge below 17 $ 600 but the price of BTC has been going up since:

On a single day, the price of Bitcoin has thus taken + 10% , and it seems for the moment to continue on this upward slope. What to consider exceeding 20,000 dollars in the days to come, according to several commentators. If this were the case, the price of Bitcoin would then break its all-time high. So watch the price!