Apparently a user made a lot of money by making frequent posts on Reddit thanks to his Moon token.

We’ll tell you about it!

Yesterday a Reddit user, named Cryptorich13, published his story on the platform where he revealed how he got Moon tokens that he managed to sell to get Bitcoin (BTC), transforming his profit into approximately $24,000.

The move from Moon tokens to Bitcoin

The Reddit user bought Bitcoin (BTC) with the tokens he was given, acquiring 0.92 BTC according to the reddit. As we all know, the price of Bitcoin Up increased very significantly during 2020 and therefore that BTC is now worth approximately USD 23,736.

For those who don’t know, the Moon is a relatively new token from Reddit. In May of this year, Reddit introduced a new function known as Vault, which was basically an Ethereum-based crypto wallet.

This way, from then on, every user in Reddit has a built-in crypto wallet, but what for? To store community tokens based on subreddits.

Therefore, Reddit started the experiment with the subreddit r / Cryptocurrency and thus the Moon token was created. The question now is, how are the tokens distributed?

Well, it turns out that Reddit distributed r/Cryptocurrency to previous participants and it is distributed to users every 4 weeks based on individual contributions (comments, publications, etc.), according to a statement from Medium. Basically they reward all those users who contribute to r / Cryptocurrency.

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$24,000 to publish on Reddit?

As we have just seen, on Reddit it is possible to get Moon tokens for the contributions you make to a subreddit, in this case, r / Cryptocurrency.

In this way, Cryptorich13 claims that in 2017 it participated too much in that subreddit and therefore was given 80.000 Moon tokens at the beginning of the year.

Therefore, the user claims to have literally earned USD 24,000 by posting a lot of memes and comments in the subreddit r / Cryptocurrency.

As expected, his posting attracted a lot of comments, and one user, salil19, wrote: “0.9 BTC is crazy to post”.

Evidently there are other redditors who demand proof since they do not believe it is possible. However, the user has been willing to explain the transaction in detail as well as demonstrate it.

In fact, in a post note the Reddit user published a link that leads to 4chain. This shows an anonymous post that he claims to have posted while making the transaction from Moon to Bitcoin.

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