The added value of the TROPOS Project

The Tropos Project combines the advantages of a floating platform and a multi-purpose system.

First, the TROPOS design will focus on a floating structure able to operate in, and exploit, deep waters, where fixed structures such as those piled in the seabed are not feasible. This design opens up animmense area of the ocean that would otherwise not be accessible to such use. Indeed, European seas in the areas ofinterest show greater depths and have shorter continental shelves; hence floating devices arenecessary to harness resources, even at relatively short distances from the shore.

Second, the multi-use system will address synergy potentials at a very early stage, and investigate joint uses of infrastructures by actors from different sectors. Such systems have not yet been developed, and other concepts for multi-purpose platforms have not passed relevant design stages. The multi-use platforms developed from the concept designs will enable optimal coupling of offshore wind and ocean energy, aquaculture, offshore transport facilities, eco-friendly innovations in the tourism sector and ocean environmental monitoring.So, the potential combined use of offshore platforms for the five sectors holds a large optimisation perspective. That is a reason why several national and international institutions of highly relevant expertise have already expressed their support and joined the TROPOS network of advisors and stakeholders.

In addition, the Tropos Project is a high added-value project as it will generate economic, environmental and technical benefits :

Economic and environmental benefits

From an environmental and economic point of view, the TROPOS project will contribute directly or indirectly to :

  1. Increase the knowledge and efficiency in the exploitation of oceanic resources in Mediterranean, Tropical and Subtropical regions;
  2. Diversify the exploitation of marine resources in general and improve the knowledge related to the exploitation of energy resources, aquaculture, transport and tourism activities;
  3. Extend the area of exploitation of oceanic resources in a sustainable way in low latitudes. These areas are much more abundant and accumulate a great potential of oceanic resources, even greater than those in high latitudes;
  4. Provide a solution for the exploitation of Europe’s deep coastline and therefore have great market impact, including the creation of new local business activities such as shipbuilding, coastal shipping, renewable energy and food production.

Technical benefits

From a technical point of view, the TROPOS project will contribute directly or indirectly to:

  1. Promote the development of knowledge and appropriate technologies for the integrated, sustainable and eco-friendly exploitation of oceanic resources ;
  2. Optimise thecombination of different functional modules and the possibility of adapting the range of uses to regional priorities, whilst maintaining a unique structural core, installation approach and system engineering. This approach will help to ensure a sufficient market for such platforms at a global scale, while the regional focus makes their application realistic in the short and mediumrun.

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