Presentation of The TROPOS Project

The Tropos Project is a €7-Million European Project in which the European Commissionis committed to fund €4.9 Million. The Project will gather 19 European partners during 3 years(starting February 1st, 2012).

The main objective of the Tropos Project is to develop a modular floating platform, adapted to deep waters.The TroposProject will focus on Mediterranean, subtropical and tropical regions, in particular on the EU Outer-Most Regions (OMRs), composed by the Azores, the Canary Islands, Guadeloupe, Guiana, Madeira, Martinique and Reunion.

Thanks to its different modules, the floating platform system will be able to integrate a wide range of possible sectors : ocean renewable energy and food (aquaculture) resources will be exploited,the platform will serve as a hub for maritime transport and innovations in the leisure sector, and will also fulfil functions for oceanic observation activities.

The platform will be composed of a central unit and functional modules, in particular the floater concept (submersible, floating or deep submersible units), that will be adapted to each area where it is implemented. Nevertheless, one conceptual design basis will be developed for all versions of the platform.

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