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Three exemplary platform versions

The TROPOS platform will provide an achievable and multidisciplinary approach, based on the conceptual development of different specific modules for the exploitation of aquaculture, energy and transport resources adapted to the different characteristics and socio-economic contexts of the three main regions included in the project: Mediterranean, tropical and subtropical (OMRs). It should also be noticed that the EU Outer-Most Regions represent a different geographical and economic reality due to their remote location and reduced dimensions, which complicates their sustainable and harmonious development. These determinants lead the OMRs to look at the ocean that surrounds them as an outstanding source of available space and resources, which can be exploited,can strengthen their economic growth and contribute to job creation.

Therefore, at least three locations will be established as case studies: at least one in the Canary Islands, one in the Mediterranean Sea and one in the EU Outer-Most Regions(plus one or two potential additional locations to be decided during the course of work). It should be noticed that all the versions of the platform will have the same conceptual designs, composed of a central unit and a standard functional module structure.

Cooperation with H2OCEAN and MERMAID

TROPOS project has already initiated cooperations with the 2 others EU funded projects H20CEAN and MERMAID on Multi-uses Offshore Platforms. This will contribute to avoid duplications and improve synergies:

  •  H2OCEAN– Development of a Wind-Wave Power Open-Sea Platform Equipped for Hydrogen Generation with Support for Multiple Users of Energy – aims at developing an economically and environmentally sustainable multi-use open-sea platform on which wind and wave power will be harvested.Part of the generated energy will be used for multiple applications on-site, including the conversion of energy into hydrogen that can be stored and shipped to shore, and a multi-trophic aquaculture farm. Launched in January 2012 for 2 years, H2OCEAN involves industrial and academic partners from 5 countries.
  •  MERMAID Innovative Multi-purpose Off-shore Platforms: Planning, Design and Operation – aims at developing novel innovative design concepts for offshore platforms to address different physical conditions (from deep water to shallow and inner waters) in order to make the best use of the ocean space. Launched in January 2012 for 3 years, MERMAID gathers 28 partners from 13 countries, under the coordination of DanmarksTekniskeUniversitet (Denmark).

The Tropos project takes existing platforms as examples

Although multi-purpose platforms under the scope ofThe Ocean of Tomorrow call have been rare to date, a few similar concepts were implementedandwill help Troposto establish solid basis of knowledge, such as Oil & Gas PlatformsandJoint Marine Renewable Energy Platforms, for instancethe ORECCA and MARINA projects :

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