Objectives of the TROPOS Project

The TroposProject will tackle a few issues in each of the three regions studied :

  1. To determine, based on both numerical and physical modeling, the optimal locations for multi-use offshore platforms in Mediterranean, sub-tropical and tropical latitudes;
  2. To explore the relations and integration into the platformof a broad range of sectors including energy, aquaculture and related maritime transport;
  3. To research the relations between oceanic activities, including wind energy, aquaculture, transport solutions for shipping, and other additional services;
  4. To develop novel, cost-efficient, floating and modular multi-use platform designs, that enable optimal coupling of the various services and activities;
  5. To study the logistical requirements of the novel multi-use platform;
  6. To assess the economic feasibility and viability of the platform;
  7. To develop a comprehensive environmental impact methodology and assessment;
  8. To configure at least three complete solutions, for the Mediterranean, Sub-tropical and tropical areas.

So as to achieve these objectives, this 3-year project is organised in 8 strongly interacting work packages (WP) where the design and specifications of the multipurpose platform converge into a single focus, the applications.

  • Work Packages

    WP1 and WP7 are composed of the group of management and dissemination tasks and activities respectively, and throughout the whole project lifetime.
  • WP2, 3 and 4 form the main scientific-technical core of the project activities, defined by resource analysis tasks (synergies and limitations) (WP2), conceptual design (WP3) and engineering design (WP4).
  • These WP are intimately related among each other and ultimately, WP5 and 6 will respectively tacklethe macro and microeconomic determinants and the environmental impact.
  • Finally, WP8 is dedicated to Scientific and Technical Coordination of the Project.

For more information on the Work Packages, see the specifically dedicated section : Presentation of the Work Packages.

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