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Marine transport provides critical services to society ranging from building commercial and leisure ships, shipping goods and fuel around the world, to servicing offshore structures. According to a 2008 report from the Waterborne Technology Platform (, “maritime transport continues to grow at twice the rate of global GDP, with between 80 to 90% of all goods imported and exported by Europe being transported by sea”. The likelihood of the continued development of offshore renewable energy (offshore wind and ocean energy) implies substantial offshore transport needs, such as the adaptation of vessels and support structures to install and service renewable energy structures. Offshore standardised harbours will need to emerge to overcome coastal space limitations and are also considered important for servicing the next generation of offshore wind turbines that will come into operation by 2020. It is generally accepted that the emergence of offshore aquaculture structures and offshore leisure and recreational activities will also require special types of maritime services, structures and vessels. Maritime standards, practices and technologies will need to evolve in accordancewith the new emerging requirements related to these offshore activities. Thus, multi-use platforms will both offer opportunities for growth of innovative transport sector solutions and applications, and will also require growth of transport applications in order to service the platform itself.

The intensive use of territorial waters and the need to relief inshore industrial port facilities have contribute to the development of new offshore technologies such as Floating Transhipment Container Terminals. The need for such structures may be especially high in some European regions, in particular in the Baltic and North Sea, as well as in the Mediterranean area.

Benefits with Tropos

The TROPOS platform will integrate the exploitation of maritime transport activities and service-driven infrastructures. The project will therefore explore the possible synergistic and limiting factors in the exploitation of the Tropos platform as anoffshore portand base of logistic services.

Mainly, the Tropos project will study the potential use of the platform as a Servicing Station that will offer transformer and control services for energy production and shipyard functions allowing repair and maintenance works on limited-sized ships, among other potential complementary services.

In addition, the Tropos project will study the potential use of a multi-useplatform to the fishery sector, as a servicing, storage and transhipment infrastructure, as well as apotential shelter, and integration with aquaculture and R&D activities.

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