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The tourism industry generates more than 10% of the EU’s GDP and 12% of the total employment (COM,2010).It represents the third largest socio-economic activity in the EU. In particular, OMRs and the EU Mediterranean area are regions of intense touristic pressure on their coastlines, and there is a constant demand of space for the development of new activities.Concentration in small areas degrades the quality of the environment and constrains commercial and industrial activities. Considering the importance of this sector in the particular case of OMRs, the Joint Memorandum on Outermost Regions (2009) envisages to promote excellence, adopting high quality regulations and applying eco-friendly innovation in the tourism sector. 

Benefits with Tropos

Offshore leisure opportunities are currently limited to activities such as scuba diving, fishing and sailing.However, with the development of offshore multi-use platforms, there is an opportunity to develop innovative business models for leisure functions, such as floating offshore hotels, restaurants, underwater observation facilities, aquariums and more. In addition, these leisure applications would provide opportunities for economic growth in some remote areas of Europe, and would improve people’s knowledge about the ocean and the offshore resources and services on which society depends upon.

Therefore, the Tropos platform will be used as a service-driven platform for nautical and tourist activities in order to solve the spatial problem in touristic regions, contributing to reduce the pressure on coastal areas as well as to create new business and offshore tourist attraction opportunities.

The project will consider the design of a platform concept that will include potential uses as leisure activities including: scientific tourism, offshore accommodations, diving bases, yachting services and safety, and shops.

Additionally, in close relation with the potential leisure modules, the Tropos project will include the assessment of the use of the innovative platform as apermanent housing for researches and as facilities for events and training activities.

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