WP6 – Environmental and Socio-Economic Impact, Legal Issues

WP6 aims at determining all environmental and socio-economic impacts of the Multi-Use Platform System as well as at tackling relevant legal issues.

WP6 is completely integrated into the design process, so that design concepts provided in WP2, WP3 and WP6 can provide feedback.

Concretely, planned objectives will be achieved through the implementation of the main following tasks and activities :

  • Implementation of the Environmental Impact Assessment Process;
  • Setting up of a framework in which individual case (design) studies can be carried out;
  • Investigation of legislative and normative directives on the national, European, and international levels for each identified case scenarios;
  • Definition of environmental baseline study strategies and of social impact study strategies;
  • Identification of key environmental impacts, including positive impacts such as CO2 offset, and identification of negative impacts mitigation strategies.

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