WP5 – Strategy: Economics, Infrastructure and Logistics

WP5 aims at formulating an overall deployment strategy for the Multi-Use Platform System.

This overall strategy will be constructed by combining and building upon the development of both “technical” and “viability” strategies :

  • The Technical Strategy will be assembled by bringing together work done and results obtained in WP2, WP3 and WP4;
  • The Viability Strategy covers the non-technological areas (finance, environmental and infrastructure aspects) and will be developed through using “ELI” (Economics, Lifecycle implications and Infrastructure requirements)Methodology and “TEAL” (Transport, Energy, Aquaculture and Leisure) approach, so as to ensure that each task gives appropriate consideration to the wide range of different functions that can be combined on the Multi-Use Platform.

These tasks shall allow identifying the economic feasibility of the Multi-Use Platform System both at system level and at regional level.

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