WP2 – Geographic and Module Benchmarking and Decision Methodology

WP2 first aims at defining a uniform methodology to be then applied for the selection of each of the potential uses / components (energy, aquaculture & fisheries, transport, leisure…) of the platform according to the different locations and specific resources concerned.

Once this methodology is selected, a characterisation and specifications phase will be implemented, notably including:

  • Characterisation of the potential components through the collection of high level technical and techno-economical specifications, based on information on available technologies;
  • Characterisation of the available resources, constraints (technical, environmental and socio-economic) and market potential for each component in the three targeted locations;
  • A preliminary assessment of the technical and economic potential for each of the selected uses in targeted areas.

Finally, the objective will be to integrate all gathered information into a Geographic Information System (GIS) tool so as to obtain a pre-feasibility and first proof of concept of the system.

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