TROPOS at the European Maritime Days

Publication date05/19/2014

TROPOS has actively participated at the European Maritime Days held in Bremen on 19th-20th May 2014 with an intervention on a Thematic Session and organizing a Stakeholder Workshop  (see this link for more information on the workshop).

The thematic Session in which TROPOS participated was “Ocean Technologies, Investment for Sustainability, which discussed how innovation in ocean technologies can offer solutions for sustainable economic growth while contributing to better understanding and protection of marine ecosystems. Based on concrete examples, the session addressed a wide array of innovative technologies (i.e: biotechnologies, observing, sensing technologies and deep-sea technologies) and that will in turn deliver benefits for activities such as aquaculture, energy, food safety, ocean and human health. It also looked at the technological challenges that need to be addressed to support complex industrial operations at sea/offshore/deep-sea. In terms of Multi-Use Offshore Platforms (MUOPs) the key messages stated by Dr. Joaquín Hernández Brito, TROPOS Project Coordinator and later highlighted by Prof. Dr. Karin Lochte, CEO of Alfred Wegener Institute were the following:

  • MUOP is an innovative and exciting development. In order to link multiple uses in an intelligent way, we don’t need to look only the synergies but also control the environmental aspects, safety and waste management.
  • Sea testing is the next step to learn by doing how to reduce costs and gain operational experience in the combined exploitation of resources in MUOP.
  • The industry needs to be integrated form the beginning in order to ensure that appropriate business cases are formulated.

Joaquín Hernández Brito. TROPOS Project Coordinator.

Prof. Dr. Karin Lochte, CEO of Alfred Wegener Institute

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