Starting of the TROPOS project

Publication date01/31/2012
Starting of the TROPOS project

The TROPOS project officially started last 01/02/2012. The Euro seven million, TROPOS is funded by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme under the ¨Ocean of Tomorrow¨ joint call. The European Commission is contributing nearly Euro five million for this 36 month project.
PLOCAN (Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands) is coordinating TROPOS. The eighteen project partners are expert leaders in the fields of naval architecture, marine renewable energy, aquaculture, economics and societal impact. National and international stakeholders will advise the project team.
The project aims to design multi-use floating ocean platforms for the simultaneous exploitation of marine energy, aquaculture, off-shore port and leisure opportunities together with the associated maritime transport. The design as well as the economic viability studies are targeted for mid-latitudes addressing major scientific and technological. The project is considering a flexible, floating, modular approach targeted at deep sea activities. This strategy allows different platform configurations to be adapted to local conditions and needs. In the regional context, the project works closely with the CEI (International Excellence Campus) at the Canary Islands. This project will keep Europe in a leading position to develop technologies for the sustainable use of marine resources and integrating accumulated knowledge on marine resources, floating structures, aquaculture, and port infrastructures in a
sustainable way.
Prof Octavio Llinás, general manager of PLOCAN commented “it is an honor for PLOCAN to lead a project of these characteristics, it will dynamize the local employment, which is a very important issue nowadays”.

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