Stakeholders Network Constitution and Operation

Publication date09/20/2012

A Stakeholder Network (SN) has been constituted to give advice and directions on how to promote the  platform concepts, to be developed, in potential user communities. Furthermore, strategies on how to address conflicting interests in this context have to be taken into account. Members of the SN have experience in particular aspects of the described overall goal and will bring their knowledge to the project to pave the way for a sustainable design of multi-use platform concepts. The SN is necessary to facilitate the acceptance of the developed technical concepts in the future end-user communities.The SN has the mandate to give feedback and advice on requirements and needs of potential end-users of the developed multi-use platform concept. SN ensures consideration of the particular social, economic and technical conditions of the tropical, subtropical and Mediterranean communities and feedback this information into the project.The final objective is to create a multi-sectoral network of interest to promote an active dialogue and sharing of experience, knowledge and information inside the network consisting of organizations like research institutions, regional and local authorities, the environmental NGO community, maritime industry networks, and leisure user associations.The SN will:

  • Provide voluntary contributions to the activities of the project.
  • Support the project in the identification of relevant tropical, subtropical and Mediterranean organizations, institutions and potential investors as end users of multi-use platform systems.
  • Support outreach activities of the TROPOS project.
  • Contribute to the project dissemination, knowledge and technology transfer.
  •  Advise on planning beyond the lifetime of the project and contribute to project follow-up strategies.

MembershipThe composition of the Stakeholder Network of TROPOS is shown in
the Table 1. It may be expanded upon request and following approval of the
Steering Committee. 

 Organization (Sector)   Country   Expertise relevant to the project 
 INERZA, S.A. (Maritime Logistics)   Spain   Technical solutions
  for logistics, communication  and
  control systems in oil/gas and maritime activities. Stakeholders Network
  Engineering Sector) 
 Germany   Offshore Engineering 
 Lanka Hydraulic Institute (Regional authority)   Sri Lanka   Coast conservation Area: Indian Ocean -
 Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (Regional authority)   USA   Offshore renewable
  energies Biomass Area: Pacific Ocean
  - Tropical 
  Protection Administration (Regional
 Taiwan   Taiwan Marine
  affairs and resource Management 
 Float Inc. (Offshore Renewable
 USA   Wind, wave and ocean
 Meritaito (Large enterprise,
  marine sector) 
 Finland   Maintenance and
  development of waterways and marine infrastructure 
 Repsol (Maritime
 Spain   Oil exploration,
  refining and production. New Energy. 
  Institute of the Canary Islands (Regional
 Spain   Renewable Energy and
 Indra Sistemas (Large
  enterprise, multinational corporation) 
 Spain   Safety &
  Security Offshore 
 DCNS (Shipbuilding
  and marine structures) 
 France   Offshore platforms
  in outermost regions 
 ADECAL (Economic Development Agency)   New Caledonia   Economics, centered
  in onshore and offshore exploitation. 


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