Socio-Economic Evaluation

Publication date03/23/2014

According to the TROPOS project schedule, WP6 has initiated few months ago a task which scope is to determine the environmental and socio-economic impacts of the Multi-Use Platform System, as well as at tackling relevant legal issues. This process is led by NIVA (Norwegian Institute for Water Research), an environmental focused organisation committed to research, monitoring and assessment on freshwater, coastal and marine environments in addition to environmental technology and The University of Edinburgh (providing academic support in the conducted study).

A specific survey was designed for the Leisure Island Platform Concept in order to identify the socio-economic impacts. This survey was delivered in Gran Canaria at the beginning of April, when the International Maritime Exhibition FIMAR was held ( The process was supervised by three representatives from NIVA and the University of Edinburgh.


Conceptual Design of the TROPOS Project Central Unit

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