Present status of the TROPOS Project

Publication date10/02/2012

status of the TROPOS Project

The TROPOS project has run for 9 months (25% of the total 36 months of the project). In this time the foundations of the project have been established following a recognized Project Management Methodology (Projects In Controlled Environments, PRINCE2®). Up to 9 deliverables have been submitted to the European Commission complying with the following project milestones:

  • Project Kick Off Meeting was carried out and an associated report submitted.
  • The basic dissemination tools for the project: Communication Plan, Project Website and Project Intranet were agreed and launched.
  • The Methodology and benchmarking scheme as baseline for the engineering design exercise was set up.

In a parallel way all project committees have been formed and are working according to the project objectives. These are:

  • Steering Committee: Main strategic decision board of the project. Composed by the Project Coordinator and the Work Package Leaders.
  • Project Management Team: Overall operational, technical direction of the project including the day-to-day management.
  • Interdisciplinary Cohesion Subcommittee: Dedicated to study and propose how to enhance the potential, and increase the added-value of the integration of the four disciplines in the project.
  • Stakeholders Network: The aim of this network is to enhance information exchange, share good practice and receive solid feedback with regard to the feasibility and adaptability of the platform concept design to the defined regions.
  • Advisory Board: Group of people whose function is to advise on the project progress. It is composed of representatives from the Industry, the Science and Technology  sector, relevant business and SME organizations, and may also include national and international inter and intra governmental funding agencies.
  • Intellectual Property Rights Subcommittee: Responsible for the management of knowledge, and intellectual property, including the exploitation of results.

Figure 1.- Project organization in management stages

(m.s.) and main project milestones (MS)

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