OCEANS'14 and WP6 Workshop

Publication date04/22/2014

TROPOS participated at the OCEANS’14 Conference, a forum with the goals of bridging the distance between scientists and engineers and advancing the interdisciplinary fields of ocean science and technology. The conference was hosted by the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society (OES) and Marine Technology Society (MTS) on April 7-10, 2014, in Taipei, Taiwan. The conference theme of Oceans Regeneration promotes scientific methods and research to address environmental concerns about the preservation and betterment of our living Oceans. Mr Jason Yu, researcher at the National Sun Yat-Sen University (partner of TROPOS) introduced a communication related to the environmental aspects of designing multi-purpose offshore platforms. 

Just after the OCEANS’14 conference, a TROPOS meeting on issues related to Environmental Impact Assessment was organized at the National Sun Yat-Sen University (NSYSU) in Kaohsiung, Taiwan on April 11th to 13th. The meeting involved a workshop with TROPOS participants from Spain, Norway, United Kingdom, Germany and Taiwan, professors and students from the NSYSU, as well as stakeholders from different fields. The meeting facilitated discussion among the participants and various site visits to get insights into local environmental management and aquaculture industry, both aspects which are important for the TROPOS project. The visited sites included, e.g., biological water treatment fields near Kaohsiung, Liuqiu Island in the southwest and Penghu Island off the west coast of Taiwan. Aquaculture is an important industry in southern Taiwan, and this country is among the global leaders in the cultivation of cobia and grouper. Penghu Island, moreover, is a good example of a “low carbon community”, since a large percentage of the island energy demand is met by renewable energies (wind, current, solar).

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