Fourth Ordinary Meeting

Publication date06/08/2013

The fourth ordinary meeting of the TROPOS Project took place in Bergen (Norway) at the premises of the Norwegian Institute for Water Research from 5 to 7 June, 2013. This meeting, held under the coordination of PLOCAN, was attended by the whole project consortium with 19 European organizations from both the European Union and Taiwan, as well as 3 stakeholders coming from France, Germany and Poland.

This innovative and competitive European Project is progressing in its main objective to design oceanic platforms that combine activity sectors such as transport, energy, aquaculture and leisure with the aim of strengthening and optimizing use of the maritime space following the strategic view of the concepts of “Blue Economy” launched by the European Commission.

This meeting showed the main results achieved by the project during its first half of implementation period. In particular, platform locations were presented after completing a GIS (Geographic Information System) tool, which analyzes the project components on a Mediterranean area (Crete), a subtropical area (Canary Islands) and a tropical area (Taiwan). The characterization of the platforms to be designed was also introduced including three use cases focused on  the industrial component of the project, in the exploitation of the aquaculture and a sustainable and innovative leisure approach, this last one under the coordination of PLOCAN.

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