ACCIONA Infrastructure becomes a new partner in the TROPOS Project

Publication date07/10/2013

Since the very beginning of the PLOCAN (Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands) initiative, ACCIONA (Acciona Infrastructure) has been involved among the many partners collaborating in the development of the project. Its R&D department, which comprises about 200 people, organized in 5 main areas −these are: energy efficiency, construction materials, composite materials, computational and robotics, and implementation− met the PLOCAN team in several occasions before the competitive dialogue process for the construction of the platform was established. This process, detailed in the administrational contracts Spanish law for such exceptional cases like this, involves the participation of well experienced companies is required in order to match the necessities of the Administration. The capabilities, technologies and knowledge supported by the construction companies are crucial to the desired goal of PLOCAN of making this scientific facility possible, not only in figures but also in facts.

The PLOCAN construction project is currently being executed and its basement concrete base is completed. First step in making this project possible was the implementation of the Construction Project, included in the contract to be carried out by ACCIONA. Thanks to this, the engineering hours spent in this phase will enlarge the present know-how. Also, many of the raised problems (though not all of them) will be already previewed. The main infrastructure to be built is an offshore fixed oceanic platform located at 4 km and 30 m depth East of Gran Canaria. The platform will have a base surface of around 900 m2 and 2500 m2 of research capacity. It will have space for laboratories, instrumented containers, landing area for helicopters and capacity to accommodate permanently at least 40 researchers. The platform will be equipped with a set of sensors at several depths and will be the backbone and the control centre of the observation sites. The project combines design and building instead of a ‘design, bid and build’ approach. The idea is that designers and builders work together to construct a prototype that faces the multi-use requirement and can effectively build on time, price and specifications of this experimental design. ACCIONA is a very well experienced company in works related −if not similar− to the ones involved in the PLOCAN project: maritime works, buildings construction, industrial facilities, offshore infrastructures, sustainability, etc. All of them have been possible with the effort of the whole team, and thanks to the procedures implemented in the company.

The PLOCAN €50M project is funded entirely separately from “The Oceans of Tomorrow” call by Spanish resources (50% by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, 50% by the Canary Islands Government). Nevertheless, PLOCAN on behalf of the TROPOS Consortium has integrated Acciona as a partner in the TROPOS consortium, with official date 01/03/2013, to provide input to the following project tasks:

  • Task 3.1.- Interdisciplinary Cohesion Subcommittee.
  • Task 3.2.- Conceptual Structural Design of Platform.
  • Task 4.3.- Platform engineering design.
  • Task 4.4.- Reference integrated offshore platform designs.
  • Task 6.2.- Environmental Impact Assessment

General View of the basement concrete box of the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands

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