Second TROPOS Workshop in Bremen - 19th May 2014

Publication date05/18/2014

The Second TROPOS Workshop was held in Bremen on 19th May as a Stakeholder Workshop of the European Maritime Day. TROPOS coordinated this event, which was co-organized by its sisters Oceans of Tomorrow (OoT) Multi-Use Offshore Platforms (MUOP) projects: H2OCEAN and MERMAID.

The TROPOS Consortium was highly represented with speakers from PLOCAN (as project leader) and DCNS (as an industrial representative), supported by the Project Workshops Organizer ENEROCEAN, the Dissemination Work Package Leader PMP-TVT, and the inestimable local support of UNI-HB and PHYTOLUTIONS.

The Workshop was opened by Ms. Gaëlle Le Bouler, OoT MUOP Projects Officer, who highlighted the huge potential of innovation inside the three OoT projects related to platforms design, sites selection and global Lifecycle Asessment approach.

The Workshop also included presentations form the 3 OoT MUOP project coordinators: Armando J. Palomar (H2OCEAN), Erik Damgaard Christensen (MERMAID) and Joaquín Hernández Brito (TROPOS), and Thomas Lockhart from DCNS. As a summary the key messages from the panelists and the later debate started by Dr. Bela Buck from the Alfred Wegener Institute, were the following:

  • MUOP will happen if there are a profitable Business Case and the political promotion in the Marine Spatial Planning. To ensure this, a previous testing stage needs to be accomplished.
  • The space at coast is becoming precious, so we need to move into deeper waters. In order to do it sustainably, MUOPs play a key role.
  • In terms of investment a public-private cooperation is critical to go forward, with the members states and public authorities dealing with territorial management and regulatory issues while the industry is focused on business cases and technology development.

General Public. The workshop counted with more than 70 attendants

Ms Gaëlle Le Bouler. Oceans of Tomorrow (OoT) Multi-Use Offshore Platforms (MUOP) Projects Officer

Workshop speakers. From left to right: Joaquín Hernández Brito (TROPOS), Thomas Lockhart (DCNS), Armando J. Palomar (H2OCEAN) and Erik Damgaard Christensen (MERMAID)

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