First TROPOS Workshop in Dublin - 16th October 2012

Publication date10/15/2012

The Ocean of Tomorrow project TROPOS organized its first public workshop , as an associated side event On the evening before the 4th International Conference on Ocean Energy, ICOE 2012, in Dublin, 17 th -19th October 2012.

The workshop purpose was to provide awareness on the planned benefits and achievements of TROPOS to relevant stakeholders, as well as to receive relevant feedback and criticism in order to fine tune the work and future developments of the project.

The specific motto for the first Dublin Workshop was “BEYOND THE HORIZON: the Role of multiuse offshore platforms in the Oceans of Tomorrow”, comprising the following topics:

  • TROPOS Project introduction, the Ocean of Tomorrow concept and projects.
  • Offshore combined electricity production platforms as potential tractors for other
     combined uses of the Ocean.
  • Offshore bioproduction: mariculture for food and energy, potential, needs and synergies.
  • The logistics, leisure and other roles of floating platforms.
  • General debate, interpanel interaction.

The Workshop was held on 16th October, from 18:00 to 20:00 followed by an opportunity for further networking, and was attended by more than 50 stakeholders.

The project leader PLOCAN also gave a talk during the ICOE Conference Session 3.1 on “Interactions with other sectors”.

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