Project Deliverables

All public project deliverables already sent to the European Commission are presented in here.

D7.4.- First year report on dissemination and communication activities

This document, the “First year report on dissemination and communication activities” is a deliverable of WP7. Its purpose is to assess the actions and impact of each of the dissemination activities implemented during the first year of the project. It includes a sample of every communication material.

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Publication date01/27/2013

D2.3.- Sample locations and setups for further design

This report presents the Deliverable 2.3 - Sample locations and setups for further design. The document introduces the assessment of potential for the various individual components that will combine to create multiuse deep water platforms in the four key sectors of interest – Transport, Energy, Aquaculture and Leisure (TEAL). Relevant data is presented and discussed for a set of three target regions: The Canary Islands, Crete (Greece) and Taiwan. The aims are : to outline some of the most relevant data available for each target region, and to detail the methodology and background data to be used for site selection in Task 2.4.

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Publication date01/13/2013

D2.2.- Fact sheets about potential components

This report presents the Deliverable 2.2 “Fact sheets about potential components”. The document builds on the work so far achieved within WP2, with a particular focus on the definitions established in the scope of Deliverable 2.1 “Report on methodology, evaluation matrix setup, and overall design constraints”. Fact sheets aim at providing concise key information on the diverse components considered in TROPOS. They are meant to become a powerful and straightforward tool for the remaining work within WP2 and also within WPs 3-6. After a brief introduction on the rationale, aim and context within TROPOS of the work here presented, fact sheets for the TEAL (Transport, Energy, Aquaculture and Leisure) components are provided. Reasoning behind the necessary methodological approaches and references respecting to the data provided are included. General considerations and expected projection of the work here reported are given in the section 3 “Final Remarks”. The complete content of the the factsheets has been included in a final annex.

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Publication date11/29/2012

D3.1 - Operational ICS

This report presents the Deliverable 3.1 “Operational ICS”. The report includes the description of the mission, organization, composition and modus operandi of the Interdisciplinary Cohesion Subcommittee (ICS). The ICS is at this point fully operational. It consists of currently 13 members and has started its work.

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Publication date07/29/2012

D6.1 - Report describing a framework for the environmental and socio-economic study

This report presents the Deliverable 6.1 “Report describing a framework for the environmental and socio-economic study”. The report includes definitions for environmental, socio-economic impact assessments and their strategic as well as technical elements. A description of applicable scoping criteria and the methodologies chosen for determining environmental and socio-economic impacts within the TROPOS project are given in two separate chapters. Negative and positive impacts of both aspects will be studied in more detail over the coming months of the TROPOS project, when more technical specifications become available and locations for the case studies are determined.

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Publication date07/29/2012

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