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All public project deliverables already sent to the European Commission are presented in here.

D.3.4.- Technical concept dossier for the satellite unit

The purpose of this deliverable is to define the satellite units, which provide energy to the Central Unit and modules. This energy comes from renewable energy sources such as wind and sun. In this report, the specifications and conceptual design of the satellite units is described. For each of the locations identified in the ICS Concept, energy harvesting systems are defined:
- Canary Islands: For this location, sufficient solar panels are installed in order to provide the energy needed for the Leisure concept. The dimensions of the satellite unit are very large to provide the necessary energy for the proper functioning of the Leisure concept therefore it has been considered as a module. PV satellite Units are defined in deliverable 3.3 “Technical dossier for each of the established modules including key features”.
- Crete: For this location, a triangular satellite unit is defined. On this satellite unit, two wind turbines are located at the lower corners and the aquaculture cages are located between the platform legs. The platform will also be covered with solar panels which will provide additional “green” power. The aquaculture algae module is also connected to the satellite unit.
- Taiwan: A triangular satellite unit is designed for this location. The satellite unit definition for this location is the same as the ones for Crete. Nonetheless, solar panels are not installed on the satellite unit for this location and the energy income lost by this is replaced by Energy coming from an OTEC plant. This OTEC plant is considered a module because of its dimensions. This module is defined in deliverable D3.3. ”Technical dossier for each of the established modules including key features”.
In this document, the type of structure and the components of the satellite unit are described.

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Publication date10/30/2013

D3.2.- Technical concept dossier for the central unit

This report presents the Deliverable 3.2 – Technical concept dossier for the central unit. The document introduce the assessment of the conceptual specifications and design of the central unit of the platform that will provide basic services for several modules of the four key sectors of interest – Transport, Energy, Aquaculture and Leisure (TEAL components) in three platform concepts.
The aims are:
- Identification of the main oceanographic requirements of installation area.
- Characterization of the main installation modules.
- Conceptual design of the central unit according to its location and the key sectors of interest.
An executive summary of the deliverable is available in the first chapter.

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Publication date07/30/2013

D8.2.- Midterm Scientific and Technical Coordination Report

This report presents a review of the activities of WP8 ``Scientific and Technical Coordination’’ which is led by the University of Edinburgh. WP8 is responsible for the Scientific and Technical Coordination of the RTD work packages in the TROPOS project, while WP1 is responsible for the Coordination of the project as a whole. This report concentrates on the first period of the project which ran from the 1st Feb 2011 to the 31st July 2013. During this period a total of seventeen deliverables have been submitted to the Coordinator by the partners (including this report), each of which has been through the quality assurance procedures described in this report. WP8 interacts closely with the technical WPs (2 to 7) and it is represented by The University of Edinburgh (UK) and Universitaet Bremen (DE) on the overall management team, which is chaired by Consorcio Para El Diseño, Construcción, Equipamiento y Explotación de la Plataforma Oceánica de Canarias (ES).

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Publication date07/30/2013

D2.4.- GIS tool with all data from Tasks 2.2 to 2.4 integrated (Report)

One of the major goals of WP2 has been to overcome the sectoral diversity in TROPOS, by setting common analysis tools and establishing methodological basis to be used throughout the project. This report presents the Deliverable 2.4 “GIS tool with all data from Tasks 2.2 to 2.4 integrated”. The initial section establishes the rationale of the work developed in the scope of Task 2.5 and culminated in this deliverable which is based on outputs of the other tasks in WP2. The following section summarizes some of the key built-in functionalities of the GIS software and the main methodological basis and definitions adopted in the development of the GIS decision tool. The final section presents a simplified formula to use the GIS tool and discusses some of the outputs of the tool application to the three TROPOS target regions. Using an additional link (below) the final evaluation results can be downloaded from this webpage.

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Publication date05/30/2013

D2.4.- GIS tool with all data from Tasks 2.2 to 2.4 integrated (Final Evaluation)

Link to Final Evaluation Results for the three studied locations: Canary Islands, Crete (Greece) and Taiwan

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Publication date05/30/2013

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