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Environmental Aspects of Designing Multi-Purpose Offshore Platforms in the scope of the FP7 TROPOS Project

Full Paper presented at the OCEANS'14 MTS/IEEE.

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Publication date04/09/2014

TROPOS Third Newsletter

TROPOS Third Newsletter

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Publication date02/27/2014

D3.5.- Integrated Concept Offshore Platform System Design

This report presents the Deliverable 3.5 – Integrated Concept Offshore Platform System Design. This document includes the conceptual vision, specifications and design of the integrated platforms that were developed in the course of WP3 and presented in D3.3 and D3.4. This deliverable is based on the work that was conducted during the Tasks 3.4 “System Engineering Modeling”, Task 3.5 “Conceptual Design of Overall Systems for Each of the Strategic Areas (Platform and Satellite Units)” and partially Task 3.6 “Third Party Verification and Risk Assessment”.
The objectives of D3.5 are to:
- Further evaluate and review the platform concepts based on the information presented in D3.3 and D3.4.
- Assess the functional properties of the separate platform elements and interfaces between them to facilitate functional simulations of the platform concepts.
- Define the physical properties of the separate platform elements including their allocation and interfaces between them to facilitate structural simulations of the platform concepts.
- Present a risk assessment methodology for the platform concepts.

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Publication date01/30/2014

D5.2.- An assessment of the Economic impact, on local and regional economies, of the large scale deployment

The TROPOS Project aims to develop a floating modular multi-use platform system for use in deep waters. The multi-use platform system is designed to be flexible and able to integrate a full range of activities. The purpose of the present report is to evaluate the macroeconomic impact of multi-use platform systems for use in deep waters in different regions of the Mediterranean, both Tropical and Sub-Tropical areas. Specifically we examine the economic impact of multi-use platforms in four function areas: Transport, Energy, Aquaculture and Leisure (TEAL). The analysis is conducted for three areas, namely the Canary Islands, Crete and Taiwan, using an input-output approach. These case studies will then be used to inform and refine decisions on the TROPOS platform.
The main sections of the report provide an account of the input-output methodology followed by applications of the approach to each of the four TEAL activities in each of the three regions. These analyses suggest that there are likely to be substantial economic impacts on the host regions, although, of course, in proportionate terms these impacts vary inversely with the scale of the host economies.

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Publication date01/30/2014

D5.3.- Technology pricing of multi-use marine platforms

This report presents the methodology for system pricing of multi-use platforms, based on tecno-economic modelling to assess the CAPEX, OPEX, revenues and preliminary assessment of the platform’s economic feasibility. This methodology is tested by applying it to four case studies, aligned with the TEAL sectors:
- Offshore Container Terminal (Transport): A transhipment terminal with a throughput of 1 Million TEU;
- Offshore Wind Service Hub (Energy): A platform to serve as base for small O&M operations and minor parts replacements for a jointly planned offshore wind farm, as well as housing the necessary substation and shore connection;
- Aquaculture On-growing Unit (Aquaculture): A platform housing the services necessary for the operation of a fish aquaculture farm, which is associated with an offshore wind farm, as well as a processing unit for preparation of the final product for sale;
- Leisure Island (Leisure): Leisure platform including hotel, visitor centre and food & beverage modules.
This a preliminary work, in order to test the methodology here presented. Deliverable 5.6 – Viability Strategy will look into the economic feasibility of the ICS concepts, still under development.

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Publication date01/30/2014

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